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The Storyboard „Battle“

I have been to a very unique event at the Museum for Film and Television in Berlin. It was the last day of the Storyboard exhibition (Storyboards von Hitchcock bis Spielberg). Three storyboard artists were talking about their career, their background and how they started out as a storyboard artist. Their history could not have been more different.

Now comes the fun part. All three artists were given a short extract from a screenplay and half an hour time to come up with a storyboard. No further instructions, no boundaries. I cannot tell how fascinating it was to watch these three guys drawing their boards. As I mentioned before, they had a completely different background and personality and so were their drawings and approaches. They chose different establisher’s, different pacing and different moods for the story to evolve. One used a Wacom tablet, while the other two artists were using paper, a couple of pencils and Copics. One of them had a more comic like look and feel, while the second artist had a more painterly style. The third artist on the other hand had a very minimalistic and clean drawing style.

Of course it was not supposed to be a battle or competition, not at all. But in a certain way it felt like one. All of them were trying to come up with the best ideas and show what they were capable of. You could see that they have a passion for what they do. They showed the same amount of enthusiasm for the work of the other artists as they have for their own work.

The whole process was absolutely fascinating.